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A New APHA Rule Provides A Third Pathway for Regular Registry

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484 – July/August, 2021

By Delores Kuhlwein

In a huge move, APHA Directors recently approved a new rule that provides a third method of attaining Regular Registry papers for eligible solid horses.

The rule–named RG-020.A.1.b, took effect as of April 5, 2021–offers an option for solid horses with Paint ancestry, whether the horses are currently registered as Solid Paint-Bred or will be newly registered.

The rule is written as follows:

Any foal who does not otherwise meet the color requirements of RG-070.A-G and results from an APHA-registered sire to an APHA-registered dam, at least one of which is Regular Registry, with the foal having at least three generations of Paint bloodlines on one side beginning with the foal’s parents, will be registered in the Regular Registry with a pattern type listed as solid.

There are specific bloodline requirements and steps to take before employing the third opportunity, but if a horse is determined to be a product of a qualified Paint breeding, the ability to compete in Regular Registry classes at approved competitions will be awarded. Specifically, solid horses that qualify will have a registration certificate type as “Regular Registry,” with the pattern type listed as “solid.”

To learn important details about this third pathway to Regular Registry, and to find out more about why this rule change is cause for celebration of the Paint Horse, read on.

What do I need to know first?

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484 – July/August, 2021

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