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A Birthday Pony to Replace One That Was Lost

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EC Blog by: Colorado POA Club

All images courtesy of Joanna Ruffino

All images courtesy of Joanna Ruffino

The month of September brought rains and devastating flooding to the state of Colorado and its horse community. One family that was particularly affected was the Alexanders. They lost their 3-year-old son’s pony, Snow White, to complications to during this awful time.

They put thousands into trying to save her, which left them no money for a replacement prospect. Robbie loved Snow White and was just getting into riding. He was so sad when she passed.

Their horse trainer, Joanna Ruffino, knew that this is a crucial period in a child’s life when learning how to ride. She decided to find them another pony, a free pony. She contacted several POA members who she thought might have a pony just hanging out in a pasture that the Alexander family could use. She eventually came in contact with Alison Esler of Kentucky and her lovely POA mare, Fanny.

birthday pony

Fanny is a small, bomb-proof, black and white leopard that loves little boys; she was perfect. Arrangements were made by Joanna to surprise the family by bringing this pony back from the POA International Futurity and Sale. We organized a free ride, and the POA Board of Directors donated several hundred dollars towards the stall and shavings.

That’s not all! During the sale, we discovered that not only did we find this awesome pony, but it just so happened that she would be arriving on the little boy’s birthday! The club rose to the occasion again. We held a donation session during the auction and raised over $400 to buy birthday tack for the new pony.

Robbie was refurbished with a brand new pony and all new tack, which is due to the donations of this glorious club. Fanny showed up at Robbie’s birthday party decked out in her birthday finest, and she is now happily teaching him how to ride!


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