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9 Things I Have Learned Showing Horses

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By: Nikki Seehafer

Some things I have realized over the years and always try to remember:

1. Horses don’t get broke at home. Be brave and enter!

2. EVERY disappointment at the show is a learning opportunity. Be humble; be open to change.

3. Everyone gets nervous. Everyone has bad days. Everyone makes mistakes. Literally: EVERYONE!

4. Don’t watch others in the warm up ring and start changing what you have been doing. If you see something cool, or you want to step up your game, that’s homework for after the show!

5. When we run out of knowledge, we often punish our horses. Seek help instead.

6. Be a competitor! But be a horseman first. There is always someone watching who sees you as a role model.

7. Supporting your fellow competitors and engaging with people will enrich your show life.

8. Know the rules of competition! Make sure your attire and tack is legal. Read the rule book, ask questions, and be well prepared.

9. Have FUN. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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