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2nd Annual Cowgirl Art Show moved to May with Cowgirl Gathering

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Little Longhorn: Crystal Orlando’s honorable mention from the 2022 Cowgirl Gathering Art Show.

Cowgirl Artists of America

Nancy Rynes painted a longhorn in the streets of the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Cowgirl Artists of America, CGA, partnered with the American Paint Horse Association and Marked For Greatness LLC for the first time in 2022, hosting an art show during the Cowgirl Gathering. 

“It was a match made in heaven. The APHA is great to work with, they’re so supportive of the event and the artists,” CGA founder and CEO Megan Wimberley said. 

Turnout for the event’s opening night was over 250, including some guests associated with the popular Paramount TV show Yellowstone. Some of the artwork was sold before the event was officially open. 

“It was so much better than I would have imagined for a first year show, we’re already excited for new additions for this year and years to come,” Wimberley said. 

Crystal Orlando does a painting demonstration in the PH Barn Door while Megan Wimberley looks on.

Proceeds benefited the APHA Foundation as well as the work and mission of CGA and totaled $10,970 last year. The fourth annual Cowgirl Gathering, hosted by Marked For Greatness Properties LLC, a for-profit subsidiary of the APHA, and home to the second annual Cowgirl Art Show has moved to May 12–16, 2023 in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The art show will officially open on May 12th and will continue selling art online or in person through the 14th. 

 The art show isn’t the only attraction that CGA contributes to the Cowgirl Gathering, the artists also volunteered to do live demonstrations. They were pushed into the APHA’s Barn Door store last year due to rain, but hope to be out in the streets of the stockyards in May. 

A new addition to the art show is an optional quick draw event. In the Quick Draw participating artists will have just 6 hours to complete their artwork before it is judged. Artists will sign up for time slots in this competition and take to the streets of the stockyards to complete their pieces throughout the weekend. 

Jolee French with her Best in Show “Uncle Buzzy & Duder” in front of the APHA office.

The Cowgirl Gathering art show meets CGA’s mission statement which is to: “Increase opportunities and representation of female artists ​in the western art genre through community, education, collaboration, and promotion” to a tee. 

“Being able to collaborate with the APHA, and with the Cowgirl Gathering to build this platform for women to exhibit their work and share these stories of the Western world is such an honor,” Wimberley said. 

Last year’s event prompted many of the involved artists to become members of CGA, and a few of them will be returning this May. Membership is strong, with about 300 members, in just the 2 years since CGA’s inception. 

Jolee French, a current member, won last year’s Best in Show award, while Crystal Orlando took home honorable mention. Jean Hildebrant took home the people’s choice award. The show last year was available to view online and this year’s will be made available after entries are finalized.

L-R Megan Wimberley, Sherry Cobb, Susan Humphrey, and Raven Skye.

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Megan Wimberley, Founder and CEO



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