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2023 Open Pleasure Versatility Challenge at the AQHA World Show

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The highly anticipated Open Pleasure Versatility Challenge for Three Year Old horses, in its sixth year, was another hit in the Jim Norick Arena at the OKC Fairgrounds on November 11, 2023.

Bruce Vickery and Snapp Out Of It won Reserve and the pattern portion of the challenge.

Gil Galyean and Queen Ov Hearts won the overall challenge, and owners Cory Seebach and Candice Hall said tonight’s Open Versatility Pleasure Challenge wasn’t in their original plans for Queen Ov Hearts, aka “Lulu,” so they were a bit surprised when Gil Galyean told them to enter her.

“I guess he had been playing around with some lead changes, and I love the Western Riding,” says Candice.  “He said it was going good and that we should enter,” added Cory.

“We were a little shocked – we thought we were just doing pleasure this year, but we totally embraced it,” says Candice, “because we love this class, and love to support it, and I think it’s so important for creating future all around horses.”

“It is a wonderful, fun night,” Cory explains, and they both explain they love the energy of the event, and the fact that it’s the one night of the year when everyone is on the same team.  Has it altered their plans going forward? “Just a tiny bit,” says Cory.  “The mare looked great.”

“We’re just celebrating right now,” says Candice. “But Gil was out of his comfort zone and he completely rocked it and I’m so proud of him!”

Champion: Queen Ov Hearts (Machine Made x HP Only The Best) with Gil Galyean for Cory Seebach and Candice Hall

Reserve Champion: Snapp Out Of It (VS Code Red x Snap Krackle Pop) with Bruce Vickery for Sheila Richey

Bronze Champion: Blue Suede Shoos (VS Code Blue x Miss Goody Hoo Shoes) with Deanna Searles for Kathy Tobin

Fourth: Gatormade Machine (Machine Made x Krymsun Kitty) with Kyra Ley for Mike or Nikki Ley

Fifth: Foxy Cleopatraa (Batt Man x Zippos Touch Of Gold) with Elizabeth Yoder for Robert Fowler

Pattern Class Champion: Snapp Out Of It

Western Pleasure Champion: Queen Ov Hearts

Halter Champion: Justa Fancy Machine with Kelly McDowall for Brooke Turner Webster


Deanna Searles and Blue Suede Shoos took third overall


Complete results:

PVC 2023 Final Results


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More photos of tonight’s winners:


Another not to be missed event happened before the class started – the PVC reception, sponsored by The Equine Chronicle and AQHA!  See photos below:


Of course, without the sponsors, and there were many, this would not be possible! See the sponsors here:

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