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2019 APHA World Show- Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation, Over Fences

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Kent Taylor and Jennifer Leavengood Blume. Photo- Beth Case

Congratulations to some of the big winners crowned thus far at the 2019 APHA World Show!

Amateur Hunter Hack- Alexis Miller/Thanks For Zip En Me

Amateur Jr Hunter Under Saddle- Al Bet Ur Two Faced/Megan East Hogan

Amateur Masters Jr Hunter Under Saddle 45 and Over- All Good/Kent Taylor

Amateur Sr Hunter Under Saddle- Huntified/Erin Larson-Girolamo

Amateur Masters Sr Hunter Under Saddle 45 and Over- A lot To Offer/Kelli Foster

Novice Amateur Hunter Hack- VS Total Heartthrob/Candice Monsen

Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle- All Good/Kent Taylor

Novice Amateur Working Hunter- Lenas Impresv Diamond/Jessica Locatelli

Green Hunter Under Saddle- A Sudden Touch/Keith Miller

Junior Hunter Hack- Ventura Boulevard/Dale Sullens

Junior Working Hunter- VS Total Heartthrob/Ryan Painter

Preliminary Working Hunter- HBF Catch My Irons/Linda Crothers

Visit www.APHA.com for complete class results.

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