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2018 Breeders Halter Futurity LIVE Results

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2-Year-Old Stallions Champion- Buddy Laney with FG Born Legacy

By: Brittany Bevis

The 2018 Breeders Halter Futurity is now underway in Des Moines, Iowa and will continue through September 16th. Stay tuned to EquineChronicle.com for the remainder of this week as LIVE results come in from the show, as well as a full recap on Monday.

Click here for more information about the show. 

The first Champion of the Futurity was crowned in Junior Weanling Colts. Kaleena Weakly and Bigger Dreams (My Intention X Dream Big Dreams) was named the winner. She was followed in second place by Robin Klover with IEM A Cool Secret, the highest placing Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor, and in third by Kim Anding with Revolutional. Click on the links below for complete results.

Kaleena Weakly


BHF Class #1 2018- Junior Weanling Colts

BHF Class #2 2018- Senior Weanling Colts

BHF Class #3 2018- Weanling Geldings

BHF Class #4 2018- Yearling Stallions

BHF Class #5 2018- Yearling Geldings

BHF Class #6 2018- 2-Year-Old Stallions

BHF Class #7 2018- 2-Year-Old Geldings

BHF Class #8 2018- 3-Year-Old Stallions

BHF Class #9 2018- 3-Year-Old Geldings

BHF G&R Open Gelding

BHF G&R Open Stallion

BHF Class #10 2018- corrected

BHF Class 12 2018- corrected

BHF Classes #11-14- Sr Weanling Fillies, Yearling Mares, 2-Year-Old Mares, 3-Year-Old and Older Mares, 

BHF G&R Open Mares

BHF Class 15- Color Amateur Weanling Fillies

BHF Class 16 – Color Amateur Weanling Colts and Geldings

BHF Class 17 – Color Open Weanling Fillies

BHF Class 18 2018

BHF Class 19 2018- Color Amateur Yearling Stallions

BHF Class 20 2018- Color Amateur Yearling Mares

BHF Class 21 2018- Color Amateur Yearling Geldings

BHF Class 22 2018- Color Open Yearling Stallions

Photos- Courtesy of bar H Photography


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