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2016 March/April Edition of The Equine Chronicle is Now Online!

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20e7cee1-fc28-4927-b4e4-e9e71538068dThe 2016 March/April edition of The Equine Chronicle is now online and there’s plenty you won’t want to miss. Here’s a sneak peek…

  • Our Cover Story- Hylton Quarter Horses by: Brittany Bevis
  • Arturo Maestas Show Horses- by: Sue Winslow
  • Tax Matters- Jurisdiction of the U.S. Tax Court- by: John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law
  • The Horses That Made Us- by: Erica Greathouse
  • Should Your Trainer Use Your Horse In Other’s Lessons?- by: Julie Fershtman, Attorney at Law
  • Baby Boom- Families Balance Raising Toddlers and Training Horses- by: Liz Arnold
  • In The Spirit of Compromise- AQHA Approves New Lip Cord- by: Megan Arszman
  • A Horse For the Highest Bidder- by: Liz Arnold
  • Ranch Horse Riding Fashion by: Mackenzie Patterson
  • POA Riders of Yesterday Become Champions of Today by: Susan Winslow
  • Rehabbing and Managing Foundered Feet- by: Heather Smith Thomas
  • In Black and White- Judging and Scoring- by: Delores Kuhlwein
  • Leveling 101- What You Need to Understand the Basic Concepts- by: Delores Kuhlwein
  • Evidence-Based Horsemanship- by: Erica Greathouse
  • 2016 Arizona Sun Circuit- by: Kristen Spinning

Click here to view the online magazine today.

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