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2015 WSQHA Trophy Circuit- Photos and Results

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Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view more fun photos from the show!

By: Brittany Bevis

The beautiful Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington was the perfect location for a Memorial Day weekend bash for AQHA competitors in the northwest. The WSQHA Trophy Circuit hosted judges Clint Fullerton, Suzy Jeane, Andrea Simons, Gigi Bailey, Stephanie Lynn, and Bruce Walquist for the three-day, six-judge event.

The show kicked off last Thursday with an Exhibitor’s Welcome Party generously sponsored by Three Ring Farm. Also, the WSQHA Youth World Show Team hosted a Dine Out Fundraiser at Tuscano’s Italian Kitchen from 5:00-9:00 pm where 20% of each diner’s bill was donated to the youth organization! A fun Fiesta Friday Night Party was sponsored by Kip Larson and Michael Davis. On Saturday, Paige Stroud Performance Horses and Evergreen Equine Veterinary Practice sponsored the Saturday Baked Potato Feed.

Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Other fun events at the show included a daily hospitality tent sponsored by Pilchuck Veterinary, daily Equi Yoga and Ride Fit demonstrations, and an Equine Acupuncture demonstration by Dr. Taryn Rathbone.


With a total of 530 entries recorded for the show, the largest class sizes were seen in AQHA leveled classes, particularly in the youth and amateur divisions.

Take a look at some of the largest class sizes below.

  • L1 Amateur Hunter Under Saddle- 12
  • 14-18 Horsemanship- 12
  • L1 Amateur Horsemanship- 12
  • Amateur Western Pleasure- 13
  • L1 Youth Horsemanship- 14
  • L1 Youth Showmanship- 14
  • L1 Youth Western Pleasure- 14
  • L1 Trail- 14
  • 14-18 Showmanship- 15
Photo courtesy of Linsey O'Donnell.

Nicole Sparrow and Mom Zens Her Best. Photo courtesy of Linsey O’Donnell.

Several added money futurities were held during the event including the Three-Year-Old Western Pleasure with $500 added money (sponsored by The Hat Lady) and Three-Year-Old Non Pro Western Pleasure with $500 added money (sponsored by The Red Pony Insurance). Winning the Open 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure was Kristy McCann aboard Lemonmade for owners Cory Seebach and Candice Hall. The pair received $780 for their efforts. The Reserve Champion was Mark Jensen with Shirley The Best for owner Judy Schwenk; they received $520.

The Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure Champion was Candice Hall aboard Lemonmade; the team received $540. The Reserve Champion was Nicole Sparrow and Mom Zens Her Best winning $360.

Champion Amateur, Select, Novice Amateur, Youth 13 and Under, Youth 14-18, Novice Youth, Walk-Trot, and Open competitors each received a $100 gift card to Schneiders and an Equus Western Saddle Bag.

All-Around winners:

Walk Trot Champion:  Always Good N Blonde and Jenna Miller
Novice Youth Champion: Bow Tie N Dreams and Mackenzie Inkstater
Novice Youth Reserve: So Noticed and Alyssa Hill
13 & Under Champion:  Made Me Intangible and Elsie Naruszewicz
13 & Under Reserve: Zips Classical Image and Ellie Gerbrandt
14-18 Champion: Hotroddin Ona Harley and Hannah Forbes
14-18 Reserve: Whos All Invited and Charlotte Selby
Novice Amateur Champion: Red Hot Options and Lena Sailor
Novice Amateur Reserve: Invited To A Party and Doreen Earl
Select Amateur Champion: A Breeze of Pleasure and Stacy Muzljakovich
Select Amateur Reserve: A Certain Melody and Lori Johnson
Amateur Champion: Art You Sweet and Kimberly Servoss
Amateur Reserve: A Blazen Asset and Judy Fairfield
Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Click on the links below to view complete results from the show, courtesy of WSQHA.

Futurity Results

Show1 Results

Show2 Results

Show Summary 

Scroll below to view more fun photos courtesy of WSQHA’s own Linsey O’Donnell and Magic Look Photography.

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Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

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Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

Photo courtesy of Magic Look Photography.

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