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15 Tips For Hauling Horses During Summer Heat

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Whether you’re hauling horses or ponies, the same rules apply! Thanks to the National Pony of the Americas Club for sharing this informative infographic containing 15 tips for hauling during the summer show season.

#1- Install a thermometer or two inside the trailer. Check them every three or four hours.

#2- Carry an ample supply of drinking water for your horse and offer them water at every stop. Water down the hay to help keep them hydrated.

#3- Make sure your horse loads and unloads calmly and easily. Practice loading and unloading. Graining then in the trailer is a helpful tip with problem ponies.

#4- Load the horses last. Don’t make them stay on the trailer for any longer than is necessary.

#5- Do not haul with sheets or blankets.

#6- Give supplements with Vitamin C and E. Electrolytes also help, but you have to keep your pony hydrated if you give them additives.

#7- Try to only transport when your pony is in good health. Unhealthy ponies stress more easily, which can cause more problems.

#8- Putting an additional layer of mats down on the trailer floor helps to lower the temperature on your pony’s legs and adds another layer of comfort.

#9- Ventilate your trailer and open the roof vents all of the windows to increase air movement.

#10- Install smaller fans in your trailer. Wireless cameras or baby monitors are also a great way to keep an eye on them.

#11- Remove head dividers if they are not needed. Install window screens to keep debris from coming in or put fly masks on your ponies.

#12- Fully inflate your tires. In the extreme heat, they will fluctuate less and this will reduce the risk of blowing a tire.

#13- Do not stay stationary for very long. The longer the trailer sits, the more heat builds up in the trailer.

#14- Anytime you park, find shade.

#15- If at all possible, haul during the cooler hours or overnight.


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